Michael Bianchi has been working with and learning from preschoolers at Greenville Church preschool programs since 2011.  He holds an M.Ed. from Arizona State University. Before joining the Greenville Church Nursery School team, he worked as a Library Aide at Seely Place Elementary School.  Michael is also a member of the Edgemont Board of Education and has two children currently attending Edgemont Schools.

Janelle Takamatsu has been a part of Greenville Church preschool programs as both a parent and a teacher.  In addition to her experience as a preschool teacher, she has also taught in the early primary grades.  Janelle holds a master's degree in Education from Brooklyn College (C.U.N.Y.).  Her two children are currently enrolled in the Ardsley School District.

Katie Rich worked as a Head Start preschool teacher for two years and most recently she has worked as the music teacher for our 3s and 4s classes at the Greenville Church Nursery School.  It was at the Nursery School that we first starting working with Katie.  During that time, we found her energy and positive attitude contagious.  Additionally, her degree in child psychology from BYU and experiences as a parent of three wonderful children, are of great benefit to the Playschool.